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    Welcome to Vietnam Popup Card and Handicraft, JSC. We are a Vietnamese popup card company with 50 skillful workers, well-located production workshop which is near Hanoi center.
    Our outstanding advantage is a strong team with enthusiastic, skillful workers and professional designers who continuously update the ready-to-choose catalogue of card design and ready to help customize designs upon customer's need.
    We have been making highest effort to assure product's quality with strict monitoring procedure over paper material, designing, cutting, processing, packaging, etc.
    We are always glad to serve your diversified order from everywhere in the world. With the motto to bring the best product and service to customers, we are confident to get your satisfaction once you choose us.
    Please feel free to contact us should you have questions and inquiries.

    Enterprise code: 0106382052 - Date of issue: 12/04/2013, amended 2nd on 12/26/2016.
    Address: Number of 38, 18 Adjacent, Van Khe New urban area, Ha Dong district, Hanoi city
    Phone: (+84) 902 123 668 - (+84) 918 986 889