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How to install tape-ins?

Thảo luận trong 'Hàng thanh lý, giảm giá' bắt đầu bởi thuygemma, 17/01/2019.

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    Besides clip-in hair extension, tape-in human hair extensions is also other popular types and adored by many women due to it lightweight and invisible. Tape-in hair extension are also in the variety of colour, length and texture that seduces many beauty junkies.However, to say hello to newcomers, we should take a notice at how to install tape-ins extensions. These below are some basic but effective steps to use tape-ins.

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    Of course, everything you want to do with your hair should be started with the clean hair first. Washing your hair before applying tape-in hair extension become more important because the greasy hair or dusty hair will make the tape-ins easy to come out, the grease and dust are the biggest enemy of the hair. If you are oily scalp, you don’t need to hair conditioner after washing, just use moisturized shampoo and it’s enough. If you are really into hair conditioner, you should make sure that you rinse very carefully, no excess hair conditioner on your hair fibers. Otherwise, your tape-in will easily fall out and shorten the longevity of the tape-ins. If you are oily scalp, the best advice for you is trying to use oil shampoo control, if not, tape extensions won’t hold as long and you will need to replace your tape extensions more frequently – every 6 weeks to so.

    1. Section your hair
    Many people think sectioning the hair is the hairstylists’ job but it isn’t. You could totally section your hair at home. Sectioning hair to use tape-ins are quite different from use clip in because you need thick layers of your real hair to hide the clip ins while you need thin layers to apply the tape in, help your hair could stick to the tape well. Taking out the comb and ready to section your hair!

    You need to section from the bottom first, and then move up to higher and wider to your ear. The large clips to hold the real hair strands are not necessary but if you feel the clips could make you more confident, you could use. You can conceive that all of your tape ins attaching on your head will be like the terraced field, or 2 staircases that meet each other at the back of your head and move up to your ears. Depending on your wishing amount of volume that the number of staircases’ steps will be. Your real hair layers to attach the tape ins should be very thin, mustn’t be over 0.32 cm (⅛ inch)

    If you want to do easier, you just use a hair tie or hair clips to secure all the top hair above the part line to show the hair back of your head. Just make sure it’s completely secured. You do not want any hair of wholesalehair falling down and getting in the way while you’re securing your extensions.

    1. Attaching the tape-ins

    Taking out the first tape in and start with the first real hair strand which is back of your head. Remove the strip covering the adhesive on the bottom extension and lift up your real hair strand, press on the bottom extension underneath the thin strand of hair you’re lifting. Making sure that the tape is under your scalp about 0.5 inch. You’ve done the bottom extension.

    Taking out another tape-in hair and also removing the adhesive and stick it to the top of your hair strands, the top and bottom extensions will adhesive together and hold your hair inside firmly. You could use the pliers or just your finger to press the adhesive together. Then, gently comb the hair extension. You can see that these strands now like a sandwich with your real hair in the middle and two tape-in at both sides,

    Repeat again the process until you add up enough the volume you wish, the number of tape in also depends on your head size and hairstyles. If you go for thick curly hair for example, you should add more hair extensions but if your hair is fine, add up too many tape in could be bulky for your hair.

    1. Hair care after tape-in application
    • Should we brush frequently after application? At least brushing your hair twice a day to make sure no big tangle exist because the hair extension tend to be tangle. However, if you are using human hair extensions, the hair could be less tangle.
    • Secure the hair overnight? Through a quite painstaking applying the tape-in hair extension, you don’t want to removing it frequently. Hence, you should pull your hair into a loose ponytail or braid it before bed. It can also help to sleep on silk pillows.
    1. Removing the tape-in hair extension
    Removal of tape-in hair extension is not complicated thing, and if you do properly, there’s no damage happen to your hair. Using the removal liquid of tape in that contains different ingredients that help the tape dissolve. It’s the most natural and pain-free way of taking them out. Your extensions are removed row by row and meticulously numbered so that they can be refitted in exactly the same spot they were taken from.

    After that, washing again with mild shampoo to make sure there’s no glue or removal liquid left on your hair trend color. It’s advisable to remember that each company has their own formula to create the tape in, so you should choose the right kind of removal for the best result.

    How do you know it’s time for tape-in removal? Well, depending on your usage and your hair growth speed, you should remove the tape in for 12 to 20 weeks. When you feel your tape extensions have grown out more than two inches or some are slipping out, then it is time to have them taken out and reapplied.

    All in all, that’s all about tape-in hair extension instruction 101! We hope that these information could be helpful for you to install tape-ins more easily. If you want to own a tape-in, Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR!
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